Why Clients Choose Susan Kenney

Susan Kenney specializes in opening doors in MetroWest Boston towns like Hopkinton, Southborough, Westborough & more!

MetroWest Boston Realtor Susan Kenney Makes a Difference

MetroWest Boston Realtor

For more than 15 years, Susan Kenney has served homeowners with five-star service as a trusted and respected MetroWest Boston Realtor.

Clients choose Susan Kenney as their MetroWest Boston Realtor because they value her professionalism and share her priorities for delivering on the following values:

#1.  Hands-On Experience Marketing Fine Homes

Susan Kenney goes above and beyond to serve clients and takes pride in using her established network of resources to help them prepare their residential property for market. Remarks Susan,

“Having worked as a MetroWest Boston Realtor for more than 15 years, I’m familiar with marketing homes in Boston’s fine suburban towns.  One of the things I find gratifying is seeing how modest pre-market efforts can transform a listing and result in the seller commanding a higher asking price.” 

#2.  Delivering a Best-in-Class Client Experience

Practicing the art of anticipation with regards to her clients’ unexpressed needs and concerns is the cornerstone of Susan Kenney’s client commitment. Turning what can be a stressful period into a life transition that is streamlined, predictable and enjoyable is her passion. Says Susan,

“My clients are hard working professionals with busy family schedules. I make a  point to ask lots of questions in order to understand each homeowner’s needs, timeline and motivations precisely. In this way I ensure that every member of the household feels supported and happy during the home selling process.”

#3.  Partnering with a Modern-Minded MetroWest Boston Realtor

Most people begin their home search process on the Web to educate themselves on home values in specific MetroWest Boston locales. Still, these MLS aggregators don’t replace the value of an experienced MetroWest Boston Realtor. Susan points out:

“The Web is a terrific resource that informs homeowners on general home values in specific towns. As a MetroWest Boston Realtor, I confirm my value by uncovering non-quantifiable insights on specific properties, marketing homes in a way that attracts the highest number of qualified buyers, coaching homeowners how to strategically field multiple offers, and leading negotiations with a steady, experienced hand.”

Whether you’re buying or selling in MetroWest Boston,
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